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A team motivated for a traffic survey conducted safely in Rouen.

The whole team of Studies & Conception of Technologies Nouvelles was mobilised the day after the end of lockdown to carry out the counting survey on Rouen.

Last autumn, no less than a hundred people were mobilised to carry out their mission for the Metropole of Rouen-Normandy, a historical client.

The objective? To allow the Metropolis of Rouen-Normandy to have counting data on the city of Rouen in order to make it evolve.

The solution? Carry out Origin-Destination counting surveys, both standard and automatic, with nearly 80 areas to be covered on the right and left banks of Rouen.


A mobilisation of all

This operation marked the team’s very 1st major/important response to the containment period experienced in spring 2020.

All the employees of the Research & Designdepartment, as well as the management of Technologies Nouvelles, were mobilised to supervise the personnel present on the field.

Thus, it was necessary to organise, train and manage 10 groups of 10 people over the 2 days, without forgetting before each operation (morning and afternoon), the theoretical training to present the objective of the survey, accompanied by a complementary training to master Covid-19-related risks.


First automatic tests

This survey was also an opportunity for the Technologies Nouvelles team to test its new automatic counting equipment (30 LAPI* sensors). Depending on the configuration of certain zones, the automatic method is preferred to the traditional counting method. It allows us to obtain more qualitative results and improve the safety of our employees.


In a relationship of trust

The success of this large-scale survey was made possible by a relationship of trust and continuous exchanges between the Metropole of Rouen-Normandy and Technologies Nouvelles.

This survey provided the city with the necessary data to define and understand the routes taken by its users (pedestrians, bicycles, light vehicles, heavy vehicles, public transport, motorised two-wheelers). By understanding these new trends, the city will be able to optimise its travel offers and design infrastructure projects.

Very attached to the customer satisfaction, the team knew how to bring once again, listening, adaptability, expertise and reactivity to carry out its mission!


*Automatic Licence Plate Reading
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