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APL control: Ensure the conformity of your carriageways

Technologies Nouvelles provides the only approved equipment for the reception of carriageway layers and offers a high level of reactivity thanks to the double North/South location of its two APL workshops and its qualified personnel.


With Technologies Nouvelles, you opt for:

  • A rapid intervention allowed by the localization of our materials on France,
  • Reliability guaranteed thanks to our two Longitudinal Profile Analyzers (LPA), equipment approved according to the NF P 98-218-3 standard and according to the LPC no.46v2 test method,
  • Interventions on all types of networks (national, departmental, motorway, airport).


Our role?

The objective of the longitudinal profile analyzer is to measure geometric irregularities mainly due to construction defects or deterioration that appear during the life of the carriageway.

The measurements can be carried out on the various layers of a road or aeronautical carriageway, either during their construction or within the framework of a monitoring campaign.


Technologies Nouvelles has been a player in the field for many years and is currently or has recently been involved in, among others:

  • The ASF and Escota network: control of the longitudinal evenness before and after works.
  • A10 widening project: passage before work and on the intermediate layers (base in gravel bitumen).
  • Runway 15R/33L of Saint-Yan airport.
  • RD 1016 (commune of Breuil le vert), RD 108 (Commune of Coulonvillers), interchange 38 on the RN 25 (sector of Amiens)…


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