Traffic control & regulation

Decongesting the entrance to Port-Louis


Maurice - Port-Louis


Faced with a road network saturated by lack of space and an ever-increasing flow of vehicles, the construction of a flyover and the implementation of a traffic control system were necessary to relieve congestion in Port Louis and its outskirts.

Our role?

The Technologies Nouvelles team’s expertise in traffic control and supervision engineering has enabled it to offer the City of Port-Louis a turnkey solution that meets the new needs of urban mobility in its area.



Technologies Nouvelles supported Transinvest Construction Ile-Maurice to meet Port-Louis decongestion centre needs, through the installation of the first traffic control system in the region.

A vast road decongestion programme has been implemented in the Port-Louis area, with the construction of a flyover at rue Decaen and rue Deschartres. This new access road was intended to inject traffic directly into the city centre, while avoiding the Place des Armes, until now the main entrance road to the city centre. 

250 m long, 5 m high and with a width varying between 7.50 m and 11 m, notably in the bend to accommodate two vehicle lanes, this work, including a reconfiguration of the traffic lights of the Place d’Armes in Port-Louis, is one of the most important on the island.

The mission entrusted to Technologies Nouvelles included:

  • Drafting of the execution file with the realisation of preliminary studies
  • Configuration, commissioning and training of users of the Symart Central Traffic Control Station
  • The programming and commissioning of Tricolour Light Signalling equipment with M@estro traffic light controllers


Complete and adapted solutions

After having carried out the execution studies for this project, Technologies Nouvelles was able to propose a complete solution with the implementation of a traffic control system, via its SYMART solution.

SYMART, installed at the control centre, supervises the various traffic control equipment, including the 6 main Port-Louis traffic light intersections (controllers), the VMS (Variable Message Signs) and other dynamic equipment installed in the field, which makes it possible to regulate vehicle flows in real time.

This solution also calculates travel times, thanks to sensors installed on the road, to inform users and indicate the lanes to be taken by means of dynamic display panels.

This evolutionary system has thus made it possible to:

  • Guiding motorists
  • Reduce congestion of incoming traffic on the outskirts of Port Louis
  • Improve traffic flow and reduce travel times for users.

A strong support

Accompanied by internal partners (electronics and signage industries), Technologies Nouvelles was able to provide Transinvest with a complete offer and a turnkey solution to address the problem of decongestion of the Port-Louis area.

Our teams Traffic control and regulation have been able to adapt to the mobility needs of downtown Port Saint-Louis, allowing for better traffic management.


The success of this operation was possible thanks to the study of our experts, the supply of equipment from our industries and a programming of all the 100% Aximum Group equipment.

This project, operational since late 2018, has seen its equipment evolve with the addition of traffic light junctions at the Central Traffic Control Station.

Based on this first success, Technologies Nouvelles and Aximum have deployed, within the framework of a second contract, all the traffic light equipment and the Central Traffic Control Station of the Mauritius Metro Express tramway (first phase in service (PCRT, 9 junctions), extension in progress (20 junctions)).

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