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The priority issue for the Paris La Défense Public Establishment is to transform the La Défense business district into a living area. This undoubtedly requires studies of the territory and support for change.

Our role?

The Technologies Nouvelles studies and design of Technologies Nouvelles supports Paris La Défense by offering complete and adapted solutions to improve traffic conditions while accompanying the works in the sector. Our mission is to analyse the feasibility, impact and interest of projects.

Technologies Nouvelles has been working with the Etablissement Public Paris La Défense (*) for more than ten years as part of its mission to develop the La Défense site.

*Paris La Défense is the result of the merger of the competencies of EPADESA (Établissement Public d’Aménagement de La Défense Seine Arche) and Defacto (Établissement Public de Gestion et d’Animation de La Défense)



Created in 2010, Paris La Défense (formerly EPADESA) is in charge of the development of the entire La Défense Seine Arche area. Covering an area of nearly 564 hectares, this constantly changing area receives no less than 500,000 journeys per day.

As the site evolves, the establishment carries out infrastructure work essential to the development of the sector, in particular the creation of road access, transport and the development of public spaces around new real estate operations.

The future of the business district lies in its ability to open up to its environment, renew itself, and diversify.

travel study to improve traffic conditions in the sector

Thanks to several years of experience in this sector, Paris La Défense benefits from our perfect knowledge of the area to carry out traffic surveys and thus:

  • Understand the traffic conditions on your territory
  • Understanding travel flows
  • Improve the most contentious issues in their area.

At the same time, we regularly conduct pedestrian traffic surveys, a very important chapter in the support of Paris La Défense.

Technologies Nouvelles réalise des études de circulation - Aménagement

Piste COVID RD7 – Schéma d’aménagement tous véhicules à la Défense

Initially temporary features, “COVID” bicycle lanes have raised keen interest and a real desire to make them permanent. Our teams are advising Paris La Défense on the definition of solutions to keep these new paths without too much impact on road traffic.

Traffic studies are being conducted at traffic light intersections and on the sector’s main roads. The most important study carried out to date is the analysis of the La Défense traffic circle, the most structuring intersection in the La Défense district, broken down into several sub-roundabouts.

The aim of these various studies is to ensure safe sharing of the roadway between the various forms of mobility: motorised vehicles, public transport, pedestrians, bicycles, etc.



Traffic impact studies for construction sites

Technologies Nouvelles réalise des études de circulation - Calculs des impacts

File d’attente maximale au niveau de F7-7A-7b : heure de pointe du soir, à la Défense

The construction of new towers, new train stations, etc. are all projects that can impact the sector’s traffic supply, requiring the closure of certain roads or shifting traffic onto others.

Specialists in the analysis of the impact of works in constrained sites on traffic, our teams work on the interaction of the construction site with the urban environment, and propose to Paris La Défense and to architects, effective solutions in order to:

  • Manage site flows in complete safety
  • Reduce congestion related to construction sites
  • Facilitate the acceptability of the work.


Thanks to our optimal knowledge of the sector and our close geographical proximity, our teams can travel very quickly to the business district to meet the needs of Paris La Défense. The rendering is all the more qualitative. Knowledge of the neighbourhood is highly valued in order to understand user behaviours and evolve with them. You have to know how to observe them in this ever-changing environment.

In practice throughout the territory

Traffic circulation studies

    • Accompanying the work in the Defence sector:
      • Work in the Guemiah sector (2017)
      • Work on Boulevard des Provinces Françaises (2018)
      • Saint-Gobain works (2019)
      • Work Sisters Tower (2019)
      • Work on the EOLE project (2020)
Technologies Nouvelles réalise des études de circulation - Projet Ecole à la Défense

Impact of staking at La Défense

  • Insertion of temporary bicycle facilities at RD7 (2020)
  • Technical operation files of intersections during the construction phase
  • Staking studies
  • Expertise on user safety during the construction phase,
  • Analysis of the Defence traffic circle (2019)
  • Dynamic simulation studies

Traffic circulation studies

  • Implementation of a new circular boulevard configuration in the Michelet district (2018-2019)
  • Origin destination surveys in the Regnault sector (20 counting stations)
  • Origin destination surveys in the Gleizes/Prothin sector (30 counting stations)
  • Update of the traffic model on the OIN perimeter (2020)

Pedestrian traffic circulation studies

  • On the Carpeaux sector in 2018 > 7 measurement points over 24 hours
  • At the exits of Metro Line 1 stations in 2018 > 3 points over 24 hours
  • On the Pyramides sector in 2019 > 5 points over 24 hours
  • On the Rose de Cherbourg sector in 2018 > 14 points over 24 hours

    Technologies Nouvelles réalise des études de circulation - Fermeture de la rue Carpeaux

    Synthèse de fonctionnement des carrefours à l’HPM – Fermeture Carpeaux en semaine, à la Défense

Pedestrian traffic circulation/cyclist studies

  • On the Neuilly bridge in 2019 > 12 points over 24 hours
  • On the Défense walkways in 2019 > 11 points over 14 hours

Processing of SIREDO data from traffic stations

  • Monthly and quarterly processing of SIREDO data from 2012 to 2017


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