It is essential to have in-depth knowledge of your road assets to preserve their quality of use and to maintain their condition.

Technologies Nouvelles helps local authorities and project owners to manage and maintain road assets, by establishing effective work scheduling strategies.

Monitoring and diagnosis of the condition of roads

Monitor, analyse and measure the condition of your road assets, help to prevent risks of deterioration and to highlight maintenance actions.
Technologies Nouvelles controls the condition of roads in order to enable you to qualify the condition of your road assets using cutting edge technologies and smart vehicles.

Diagnosis and conformity of road equipment

The quality of use of the roads depends on the conformity of road equipment, a key element of the safety of user travel. The regulatory, technical and operational expertise of the Technologies Nouvelles teams enables you to benefit from a reliable and comprehensive diagnosis, to assure you of the correct compliance with installation rules, as well as the application of standards in force.

Diagnosis of aeronautical carriageways

Our service supply consists in diagnosing and measuring the development of aeronautical carriageways. Data is collected quickly and accurately in optimal safety conditions without impacting use of the aeronautical site.
These services enable you to optimise the maintenance costs of runways, traffic lanes and aircraft parking, and to maintain an optimum level of service and safety in accordance with STAC (France’s Civil Aviation Technical Service) and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) standards.

TN DATA BIKE : Qualify and secure your cycling facilities

Technologies Nouvelles has developed a solution which provides a full diagnostic of cycle lanes enabling managers to optimize
the safety and comfort of users. TN Data Bike, the innovative data acquisition system in order to qualify the level of service offered to users of cycle lanes.

Work scheduling and maintenance strategies

In terms of carriageways and road equipment, project owners and project managers must define the levels of services required as a function of the use and category of roads.
Technologies Nouvelles helps you to define and implement maintenance strategies, establish various scenarios in order to anticipate, prioritise and schedule preventive and curative maintenance interventions taking into account the technical and budget constraints.

Maintenance and hosting of asset management support solutions

Technologies Nouvelles offers you online data hosting solutions in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode enabling you to consult the results of different diagnoses in the form of thematic maps with options to update as work is carried out.