TN DATA BIKE : An Innovation for active mobility

  • A diagnosis performed in real-life situation with fre access to all cycle lanes.
  • Environnement friendly equiment : auscultation system build-in an electrically assisted bicycle
  • A tool to help improve road assets in order to promote comfortable and safe cycling.

Our services

  • Collect data :
    Record an image bank, the exact position of the measuring system and the user’s experience while riding.

    • Evaluate the cycle network :
      Analyse the condition of path and its environment, qualify possible maintenance needs along with comfort and safety levels.

      • Advise & support :
        Recommend maintenance and improvement solutions to enable users to move around easily and safely.

      High-performance auscultation and comprehensive diagnosis of the state of cycle lanes

      Better knowledge of existing cycling facilities. Facilitates decision-making: new developments or maintenance/modifications of cycling infrastructure. Optimises the maintenance budget.

      Maximum reliability and accuracy
      of the system: real-time mapping display, sensor control
      and data acquisition quality check. hybrid inertial measurement unit with two GPS antennas coupled to an odometer.


      1/ Records of lanes conditions

      Surface quality, longitudina profile distortion and deterioration (potholes).

      2/ Data analysis : 

      • Comfort level : obstacles, slopes, parking, suitable street furniture, etc.
      • Overall quality of marking and surfacing of the cycle network, visibility
      • Conformity of road equipment  horizontal and vertical signage, traffic light signals and cycle crossing.
      • The environment of the cycle lane : traffic density, accident black spots.
      • Focus : safety studies at intersection rights-of-way (on request)



      3/ Retrieval of geolocated data

      Publication of maps of the condition of the roadways and the ride comfortfelt by the user via a link to a dynamic Open source GIS solution and customised recommendations.