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Technologies Nouvelles wishes you a happy new year 2022!

On behalf of all the employees of Technologies Nouvelles, we wish you an amazing 2022.

We will continue to support you by deploying new solutions that are even more closely adapted to your needs, to make travel safer and more fluid in your area, while ensuring the sustainability of your infrastructure.

Innovation is an integral part of Technologies Nouvelles’ DNA and 2022 will confirm this once again with:

  • Monitoring of bicycle lanes with the TN Databike to analyse the condition of the carriageway, survey and analyse the conformity of marking and facilities, and study safety at intersections.
  • The deployment of a new software in SAAS (Soft As A Service) mode for technical and financial programming of carriageway maintenance to develop and monitor your multi-year budgets.
  • Expanding the functionalities of our Symart Central Traffic Control Station to include the supervision of all types of equipment (UBR, PMV, etc.) and sensors (pollution, noise, weather, etc.), to support local authorities in implementing EPZs or CRAs, and to expand the range of control use cases.
  • The proposal of a new type of traffic studies based on Floating Car Data which opens new perspectives on much larger and more relevant scopes.

This list is not exhaustive, you can go to the solutions tab of the site.

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