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To follow the evolution of traffic during the development of a major avenue.

Technologies Nouvelles is working with Aximum’s ITS division to enable the City of Neuilly-sur-Seine to monitor traffic trends during the development of the Avenue Charles de Gaulle (RN13), and thus to provide its residents with a peaceful urban boulevard.

Through development work, the city of Neuilly aims to reinvent Avenue Charles-de-Gaulle by relieving the traffic on the side streets and turning them into shared and greatly calmed riverside roads.

In this context, the traffic will be strongly disrupted during the works, but will also change radically after completion, with new traffic lanes.


Understand the traffic in real time.

To understand the traffic in real time, the City called upon Aximum’s ITS division, which was able to work with strong partners, such as Technologies Nouvelles, through its Traffic Control and Regulation team.

Thus, our experts proposed a complete solution to enable them to collect all the traffic data on all the lanes, i.e. 7 lanes of traffic on the RN13 and 3 lanes of back-up lanes, with an average flow of more than 110,000 vehicles/day to date.

The objective of this solution is to monitor traffic flows and the different types of mobility using Avenue Charles-de-Gaulle. It also makes it possible to classify the mobility modes (heavy goods vehicles, commercial vehicles, light vehicles, public transport, motorised two-wheelers).


The type of information collected

This solution, in place since May 2020, has made it possible to collect various information characterising traffic levels and conditions, including:

  • 110,000 vehicles/day on 4 axes
  • 33 million vehicles in total since the service was introduced
  • Car/motorcycle/truck/bike/bus classification by time slot and by axis
  • Visualisation of developments related to containment/coverage episodes during the pandemic
Example of 2nd containment 28 Oct 2020: immediate drop in the ‘car’ category.

Decision-making help solution

This solution provides the city with valuable real-time information to support its decision-making, and forecast, manage and supervise the management of flows.


A project that once again illustrates the strong synergy within the group:

  • Management: Aximum ITS
  • Equipment installation: Aximum’s Electrical Engineering and Systems work teams,
  • Provision of the Traffic Spot software solution: Technologies Nouvelles.


Getting around more efficiently and more sustainably
is a strong expectation and an unavoidable need for every citizen.

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